A combination of expertise, agile approach and commitment makes us a reliable tech partner.

Building solutions for world changers

Engineering bespoke digital solutions, we together with our clients disrupt niches and industries.
Share your idea with us and relax. We’ll make sure it is transformed into a fully-fledged product.
Our clients have changed the old school way people do banking, listen to music, interact with healthcare providers, and seek babysitters. Their achievements have been featured in TechCrunch, Business Insider, and Product Hunt — our pride!

« Since the early times of TBR Group, we help both startups and mature companies perfect various niches and industries. Cooperating with the clients, we engineer solutions that make a difference — for people, for the world, for us. »


Dmitry Virich

CEO at TBR Group

TBR core values

The philosophy we advocate shapes our business approach.
We always go an extra mile, cut through the red tape to deliver the top-notch client experience.

We are always on the move, so is our business approach. But still, there is a solid set
of core values we follow despite anything.



We carefully analyse and focus on your requirements seeking a feasible solution together and making our best to come up to what suits us both at every stage of cooperation.


Obsessive with challenges

Looking forward to challenges making our skills better. Yes, we are, we like tech challenges espessially to help clients overcome them. Every successfull client contributes to our product portfolio.



It’s more than our priority. We have put quality ahead competing with the speed of the development process. No matter how close the deadline is, a raw outcome is not what we want.


Smart development

We always ponder what way to choose when we get down to a code developing. All the risks are always weighed up alongside with the opportunities we might face making the first move.


Professional passion

We’re dedicated expressing the best loyalty to what we’re doing. Steep learning curve is not our work style. Instead, we have been entering new niches and learning new technologies.

Just for a couple of years, we’ve helped a dozen of clients ship products for multiple platforms


Just for a couple of years, we’ve helped a dozen of clients ship products for multiple platforms

« We have been so impressed with the work TBR Group have done on the babymates mobile app project over the past 6 months. The team at TBR Group have been responsive and diligent working seamlessly with our local development team in Australia to help get our app into the hands of users. »


Mike Brett

Co-Founder and Director at babymates

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