Flutter for building mobile app MVP: is the game
worth the candle?


Dmitry Virich


Annual global mobile app consumer spending in the App Store and Google Play is projected to reach nearly $233 billion by 2026. It is going to hit a 76 percent expenditure increase when compared to 2021.

Offering a diversity of mobile applications, the app stores get to distribute them by category. Within each and every category, there are dozens of apps operating immensely dissimilar at times.

Therefore, a brand-new app should in fact be distinguishing to yield good results and bring something to the table.

Here comes an MVP. Hence, it is actually quite reasonable to get down to work by crafting an MVP version of the emerging product.

Setting up one’s own business does matter too much and could obviously become a real challenge at times.

In practical terms, in order to produce a product of high quality, you will need to make an effort.

An MVP — which stands for a minimal viable product — is a newly created market product that incorporates the minimum of most important features and targets to meet consumers’ needs in all the possibly relevant areas.

In this article, we are going to cover the basics of mobile app MVP creation. And why building an MVP mobile app in Flutter will definitely be a game that is worth the candle.

Why Use Flutter for MVP mobile app development

Chances are you have really heard of Flutter. It is a framework for building cross-platform mobile applications.

You must be familiar with such corporations as:

They did go for the Flutter-based MVPs before having the full version of the product successfully created.

The applications built with this framework can run on mobile, desktop, and web solutions. They are fast, productive, and flexible.

What else can make Flutter for mobile app MVP become a powerful tool for any kind of software programming works?

An open-source code base, inviting all those interested to the Flutter community, might be an attractive reason to think over. So, there are:

Flutter executes Dart. Unlike some other programming languages, Dart appears to be the one quite easily manageable.

Therefore, software specialists will seek a low learning curve in either mastering this language or improving the existing skills.

The article ”The fundamentals of Flutter & Dart” in our blog allows the reader to dive deeper into the domain.

Advantages of creating mobile app MVP with Flutter

Any stakeholder is expected to benefit significantly just from opting for Flutter in mobile app MVP.

You can learn about the tendencies in the mobile software domain in our article “Why choose Flutter for mobile app development in 2023?”.

Building MVP mobile app in Flutter will be suitable for crafting apps in various industries. Including, but not confined to :

  • music and audio;
  • parenting;
  • productivity;
  • artificial intelligence;
  • machine learning;
  • education/teaching;
  • medicine;
  • pet care.

And software engineers are enabled to expedite the MVP app creation due to:

  • the Just In Time compilation and a stateful Hot Reload;
  • a comprehensive set of functionalities combined with Flutter DevTools;
  • Flutter engine;
  • basic widget components;
  • Material design and Cupertino layouts;
  • dispensing with native elements, XML, and “JavaScript bridge”;
  • leveraging the Skia graphic engine;
  • Firebase integration;
  • Ahead Of Time compilation, ensuring the fast and smooth performance of the ready-made application;
  • GPU-accelerated API;
  • easily added software integrations.

Simplifying elaboration, Flutter for MVP allows business owners to:

  • create a sustainable MVP version of the product;
  • freely opt for various niches;
  • precisely allocate the project budget;
  • pick up a dedicated team or an out staff model with no need of hiring standalone Android and Apple teams;
  • add and implement special unique functionality;
  • integrate the 3rd party services and API;
  • EHR or sensitive data storage;
  • save on expenses;
  • reduce time to market period;
  • receive a natively felt, multi-platform and niche adaptive mobile apps;
  • build exclusively user-friendly mobile apps;
  • to bring in more investors.

Judging by the above, business owners and entrepreneurs can significantly maximize the chances of an early MVP delivery.

So by choosing Flutter for MVP development, they get not only a scalable product of high quality, but also push a project to a jump start.

TBR Group — an expert in building MVP mobile apps in Flutter

TBR Group is a Ukrainian Flutter cross-platform mobile app development company.

Having launched a number of projects in the efficient MVP versions, we considered maximizing the user experience by adding extended functionality.

A variety of technological decisions performed by TBR Group may serve as a confirmation of Flutter’s suitability for the MVP version.

Our team has implemented:

  • a verified network feature in the Swishboom mobile app;
  • deep-linking, branded QR codes, and a QR scanner, the blockchain technology in pingNpay;
  • support of various file formats and enhanced web article text extraction in Neural Reader;
  • the VMP version of Śpiewnik Wywroty was completed within 2 months and when the app proved to be a success, our team added new features;
  • an algorithm for scanning and analyzing data from the 3rd party devices was implemented in VinciLabs;

Our Cases page gives a detailed description of the jobs performed. We will look at just a few of them to showcase different niches Flutter is applicable to.


Swishboom is an online spot for providing baby care services.

Swishboom mobile app: “How it works”, “Your Job” and the onboarding “Schedule your babysitters faster” pages.

The users can benefit from an additional range of features as well. Among them, there are:

  • contacts integration;
  • Google map integration;
  • push notifications;
  • promotional offering for AppStore;
  • personal or Swishboom care providers network;
  • posting an upcoming babysitter job offer;
  • claiming a babysitter job;
  • in-app purchases;
  • reviews and ratings.

Neural Reader

Neural Reader Most Natural TTS is a mobile application operating as a Text-To-Speech audio reader, and a Speech-To-Text live transcriber.

Neural Reader mobile app: “My Library”, “Dictation” and “Profile” pages.

The key features available for users are:

  • various types of import files;
  • audio reader and player;
  • audio/text conversion;
  • text transcription;
  • data storage;
  • dictation options;
  • voice selection;
  • language selection;
  • text size modification;
  • audio playback speed.


The pingNpay is a software solution for processing micropayments.

TBR Group used Amplify toolset kit and implemented the GraphQL connection with the AWS services, as well as added the Cognito user authentication.

pingNpay mobile app: “Home”, “Contacts” and “Receive” pages.

In the member area, a user can track down and utilize the following functionality:

  • Amplify Cognito authentication;
  • Amplify AppSync GraphQL communication;
  • branded QR codes;
  • a QR scanner;
  • app deep-linking;
  • push notification integration and handling;
  • encryption and decryption;
  • Native Share for QR codes and links;
  • a QR code on-device saving option.

pingNpay will soon be downloadable from the app stores.


Vinci Labs is a mobile application created for medical organizations.

VinciLabs company is focused on providing a modular API solution to get the 3rd party digital medical devices integrated into particular software products or services.

VinciLabs mobile app – the onboarding “Mission, Vision, Values”, “EHR Data Storage and Analytics” and “Customized Standalone Application” sections.

Vinci Labs is responsible for:

  • the device updates;
  • sensitive data protection;
  • secure storing the EHR data.

All the above confirms that a bunch of technological decisions and functionalities could be implemented with the help of Flutter and Dart bundled together.


Flutter makes its way to truly becoming the best option to build an MVP mobile application due to its low cost, quick time to market, and scalability. It could be the right choice for a start-up as well.

Providing services to business entities of any scale, TBR Group has been mainly focused on Flutter development.

Whatever project size you may have, do not hesitate to contact us for getting it evaluated. We will render any assistance to you with any kind of concern, dilemma, or inquiry.

Whatever project size you may have,
do not hesitate to contact us for getting it evaluated.

Share your idea with us, and we’ll come up with the best development solution for your case.

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