Pros and cons of dedicated teams for mobile app development


Victoria Belyaeva


A rapid and continuous growth of the IT realm can hardly stay unnoticed. Serious changes are underway in the programming field. And mobile application development is in the spotlight.

The Number of mobile app downloads worldwide from 2016 to 2021 showed a steady increase in downloads. Thus, in 2016 this number surpassed the mark of 140 billion, having reached the volume of 230 billion in 2021.

Furthermore, mobile applications are expected to generate more than $613 billion in revenues by 2025.

Given this, owning a mobile application to expand the business is one of the latest trends.

So, how to craft a first-rate mobile app?

The mobile application development appears to be rather expensive and time-consuming.

Getting just the right team to fulfil the dedicated project is crucial. Is it better to hire freelancers or refer to a development company?

The software service providers may offer reasonable solutions. Respectively, business holders do tend to opt for external help.

There are a few types of outsourcing in mobile application development.

In this article, we will discover the advantages as well as the downsides of the dedicated team approach and the outstaffing model.
We will also outline our expertise this business model cooperation.

The anatomy of dedicated development and outstaffing model

What is a dedicated team model?

A dedicated development team – a group of specialists in the software field working together on a particular project.

The initial scope of work may vary depending on the case and the client’s requirements.

The services provided by the dedicated team mainly lie in crafting designs, software development and QA testing.

The outcome is an entirely completed, ready-to-market product. It can be either a mobile app, or a website payment system.

The concept implies business cooperation at least between a client company and a service provider.

The scope of work, project features and values, desirable specifications, and timelines will form the cost of the dedicated project and identify a suitable payment model.

In charge of the group is a project manager. Leading the dedicated software team and coordinating the workflow, the PM supervises the whole development process.

Still, a dedicated team should not be considered as a unit of the in-house staff structure. While working remotely on the client’s project, the team is directly subordinated to the own supervising management.

Hiring a dedicated software team allows the business holder not to perform a direct hands-on administration and therefore lessens the management burden.

What is outstaffing?

The outstaffing business model can be characterized as a personnel withdrawal.

As the majority of the business holders are truly tech-savvy, they can successfully head up the entire development process.

In case of a staff shortage, outstaffing can appear like a perfect choice to swiftly and relatively easily fill the temporary skill gaps.

So, applying for an outstaffing model helps to optimize expenditures on human resources.
Typically, two or three sides of participation are involved in outstaffing. There are:

  • the host/customer company;
  • the recruitment agency or the intermediary;
  • the service provider/outstaffer.

The client company is a corporation in need of temporary staff resources to carry out a definite scope of work or to participate in the development project.

The same as in the dedicated team module, a recruitment agency is also not a constant participator in the outstaffing business concept. If any, the agency acts as an intermediary between the host company and the outstaffer.

After the project requirements have been defined, the service provider can start outstaffing suitable candidates.

Scrupulously selected, each specialist has to perfectly fit the client’s requirements.

Performing as a part of the in-house team, the allocated employee is still registered as a staff member of the provider company.

Being in charge of the entire development process, the host company controls the employee’s engagement, as well as every stage of the project implementation.

Advantages of the dedicated team and outstaffing models

These models can actually appear as a perfect solution for mobile app development.

As the allocated staff work distantly, it helps to reduce costs on maintenance and taxes of different kinds.

So, saving expenses, they just as well expedite time to market period and lessen the management burden for the client company.

What concept to opt for depends on the project requirements and its goals. It is necessary to estimate the costs and the budget available. The characteristics of the market will also have to be examined.

The difference between these two models lies mainly in their objectives.

The outstaffing model implies allocating one or more specialists to the host company. Usually, there are no time frames for such cooperation.
The host company provides direct supervision over the outstaffed employees. Specifying tasks, the customer company controls the whole working flow.

The dedicated team concept requires a team of specialists to fulfil a particular project within a set timeline. The entire development process is controlled by the project manager of the dedicated team.

In the end, the client company receives a completely ready-to-market product.

Here comes a comparative table summing up the advantages and some downsides of these business models.

Pros and cons of dedicated teams and outstaffing

Advantages and disadvantages of dedicated team and outstaffing models

Outstaffing model by TBR Group: the babymates case

TBR Group – a Ukrainian IT development company specializing mainly in cross-platform mobile app development.

The technology used – the Flutter framework and the Dart programming language.
The piece on Why choose Flutter for mobile app development in 2023? will let you have a closer look at these advanced technologies.

You are welcome to observe a few products crafted by our team. These mobile applications are already available in the App Store and Google Play. So, out there, you can find Vetsie for Vets (App Store / Google Play), Swishboom, Neural Reader Most Natural TTS, Śpiewnik Wywroty.

In some mobile software implementations, TBR Group had a chance to operate as a dedicated team, as well as an outstaffing company.

In the babymates project, TBR Group performed as an outstaffing company.

This mobile application has been specially designed for dads to ”dad” in the most comfortable, pleasant and happy way.

Paying attention to how tough being a dad can be in the new world of restrictions, lockdowns and social distance, babymates aims to digitally connect dads with the service created.
The key features include:

  • user authorization;
  • profile section;
  • online chat;
  • map integration;
  • community;
  • events;
  • contact form;
  • and a dad joke generator section.

Built up with a rich set of functionalities, babymates is intuitive and really user-friendly.

The babymates mobile app – build your dad profile and connect with your dad mates pages.

The babymates mobile app – chat with new mates and feed, create and share dad moments pages.

The challenge and the solution

The engineers of TBR Group took part in the babymates mobile application development. Enlarging the host company’s team, the group considerably expedited the development process.


The goals set had been reached and the assignments fulfilled. The babymates mobile application was delivered to the client within the defined timeline.


Being popular among users, mobile applications have truly become a core feature in expanding business online.

As a business owner, to craft a mobile app, you have to think over tons of possibilities and define hundreds of variables.

TBR Group dives into the nitty-gritty of your business idea.

Perhaps, you would like to opt for a dedicated development team. Or you might choose an outstaffing model.

In any case, the TBR Group IT Development company will gladly help you decide what suits you best and give you a helping hand.

You are most welcome to contact us via the get In touch contact form. At all times, we are always here to assist you.

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