Success is always ensured by people, we feel proud every time when a new member joins our team.

TBR Group is about flexibility, trust and meaningful choices

Working at TBR Group means being a part of a community that values growth, mutual trust and respect.

A feedback-oriented mindset helps us continuously learn and improve. We care about creating sustainable software, the effect our activity has on the world, and each employee’s experience. By offering a safe, inclusive and productive environment for all team members, we’re always open to feedback.

More than just a job


Flexible hours and remote work

Work efficiently and conveniently – from
the office, home or remotely.


Leader’s support & mentoring

Get a mentor from the first day and
develop your skills with the professional
support of your leader.


Powerful equipment

Reveal your potential with
MacBook Pro
and other great tech.


Personal growth

Take part in webinars, workshops,
conferences and enrich your knowledge base.


World-class clients

Work with world-class clients and
get outstanding experience as a part
of TBR Group.


High-impact products

Our team stays at the forefront
of modern technologies.
Work on something that matters.

Current open positions

Didn’t see a job posting that fits your typical role? No worries, simply
drop us a line at