Flutter 3.7 overview: TBR Group expertise


Victoria Belyaeva


Flutter 3.7 is live! This release contains many updates and improvements. Although Flutter 3.7 was released in January 2023, there are already many blog posts and articles with an overview of the changes it brings. 

Is it really so that with a new release of Flutter 3.7 an open-source programming SDK has brought a more effective outcome compared to other tools for cross-platform development? We can confidently say “yes”.

Overviewing Flutter 3.7: TBR Group expertise

Flutter is a set of user interface tools that allow developers to build mobile, web, and desktop applications from a single codebase. 
The first releases of Flutter provided a set of user interface tools for creating mobile applications on Android and iOS on Windows, macOS, Linux, and the web. With Flutter 3.7, production support for these systems was expanded. 

This release adds new features to create your own menu bars, cascading menus, tools to better support internationalization, new debugging tools, and much more. Elements such as global selection, faster rendering with Impeller, DevTools, and, as always, performance, continue to evolve.
All this is surely going to help developers build more intuitive apps.

Let’s take a short trip together to explore the new features of Flutter 3.7 new release.

Support for Material 3 was greatly expanded in version 3.7 by porting the following widgets: Badge, BottomAppBar, Filled & Filled Tonal, SegmentedButton, Checkbox, Divider, Menus, DropdownMenu, Drawer & NavigationDrawer, ProgressIndicator, Radio, Slider, SnackBar, TabBar, TextFields & InputDecorator, Banner.

Anyone can use these new features by enabling the useMaterial3 flag in an application’s ThemeData widget. To fully use the M3, you will need the entire vibrant M3 color scheme. You can provide your own with the new theme creation tool, or Flutter can generate one for you from a single source color using the colorSchemeSeed parameter in the ThemeData constructor. 

Another important point is that now we can expand the menu, namely by adding menu bars and cascading menus.

It should also be emphasized that Impeller performance is likely to match or exceed that of the Skia renderer for most applications, and in terms of accuracy, the Impeller implements all but a few rarely used corner housings. 

Another advantage is iOS release validation. The Flutter new build ipa command now checks some of these parameters and informs you if there are changes that need to be made to your application before release.

You should pay attention to DevTools updates, as this release has several new tools features, and general improvements that you can gladly try out.

With the introduction of the Custom context menus, it is now possible to create custom context menus anywhere in the Flutter application.

Thanks to the scrolling Improvements, all macOS apps will now run with higher fidelity with the addition of new scrolling physics to match the desktop platform.

Looking at internationalization tools and documents, It should be noted that Flutter has completely rewritten the gen-l10n tool for all platforms to support descriptive syntax errors and complex messages involving nested/plural plurals, samples, and placeholders.

Swift migration for plugins offers new links for migration or creation of new plugins using Swift.

Another important point is Bitcode deprecation — Flutter applications do not have bitcode enabled, and this isn’t expected to affect many developers.

With regard to memory management, it is important to note that the collective effect is reducing the noise caused by garbage collection pauses, reducing CPU usage due to allocation speed and background GC threads, and reducing memory capacity.

With custom shader support improvements item, Flutter new has extended support for custom snippet shaders. It’s time to add rave effects to your apps and enhance the user experience to the fullest.

Thanks to reducing animation jank on iOS devices, users should notice more consistently smooth animations on 120Hz iOS devices.

The developers of Flutter 3.7 release do not stop there, already boldly offering a preview of the next wave of innovations that they are already developing and implementing in Flutter new, which include: revolutionary graphics performance, seamless integration for the web and mobile devices, early support for new and emerging architectures and a constant focus on the developer experience. 

And we at TBR Group are ready to implement these innovations to our customers.

Flutter 3.7 developers are gradually showing off their work, which will already be available in the coming months. They impeccably hope that consumers will be even more satisfied with Google Flutter as a powerful toolkit for any developer who wants to create high-quality, beautiful user interfaces that can be applied in any area.

The Flutter ecosystem continues to expand very actively, such as FlutterFlow, a low-code builder for developing native mobile apps, and Widgetbook, which provides designers and developers with flexible tools for collaborative UI development.

TBR Group — a provider of mobile app development services

We’re TBR Group, and we help startups and established businesses evolve through design and development and overcome emerging challenges. We’ll give your product idea an efficient shape and functionality.

Our business approach follows the best industry practices. We build bespoke, well-designed, and feature-rich Flutter mobile applications for both iOS and Android. 

Our expertise covers, but is not limited to telemedicine, healthcare, music, and social network apps. We are always open to new horizons. 
Our target audience includes startups and established businesses of any size and type.

Our solutions address real problems and improve your vital business metrics through beautiful interfaces. When we say “beautiful”, we mean functional, accessible, and intuitive. The product may be completed, but the cooperation is never finished. 

We offer post-launch support and maintenance to help clients continually improve the quality and enlarge the scope of their products. We’re for long-term collaboration.

Our team has already tested Flutter 3.7 too and, based on our experience, we can safely say that this new version will be beneficial both for developers and their clients.

Just like all previous versions, this one brings fresh design elements and tools, which may be helpful in certain dev situations. We’ll be able to share more insights with you soon. Stay tuned!


So, Flutter 3.7 update contains a weighty range of the latest features and improvements that can help developers create more efficient, vibrant, colorful, and actionable applications.

New features are closely related to issues such as accessibility, localization, and performance. They can ensure that applications built with Flutter can be absolutely easily helpful and used by a significant number of users, regardless of their ability or location, wherever they are.

Besides, the inclusion of Dart 3 will make it easier for developers to test and iterate their code.

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