Hiring Flutter app developers in 2024: tips and tricks


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Medicine, shopping, banks, music, babysitting services, and pet care — these are just a few market areas where the platform-independent technology Flutter has recently been growing its tremendous rise.

In gaining popularity, Flutter has been at the top over the past six months in Google Trends stats.

Google Trends “Explore what the world is searching for” page.

Flutter has been an amazingly viral topic in the software development community since its official launch in 2018.

TBR Group is going to share some insights on recruiting a Flutter developer. Mainly, we will elaborate on the following:

  • how to hire Flutter developers;
  • which questions could be asked during the job interview;
  • basic Flutter developer requirements;
  • core Flutter developer responsibilities.

As qualified Flutter app developers are scarce, the best practices applied to hire experienced specialists become highly fundamental.

Who is a Flutter app developer?

A Flutter developer — who is this guy? Is this person a computer geek harnessing the power of Flutter and Dart? Well, that’s true.

The Flutter developer is a software engineer who builds platform-independent software programs using the Flutter and Dart bundle.

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Hands-on experience
Qualification-wise, a Flutter developer may demonstrate a track record as follows:

  • a junior or trainee is a newcomer to the industry or a freshman in the company;
  • Flutter engineers with 2-4 years of working knowledge can be considered middle-level developers;
  • senior Flutter and Dart developers are those geeks with more than four years of hands-on experience in the industry.

Flutter developer responsibilities
Flutter engineers could deal with the following:

  • creation of multi-platform apps for iOS and Android using the Flutter development framework;
  • work in a bundle with back-end developers, designers, and the engineering team to deliver well-architected and high-quality solutions;
  • advocate for engineering standards.

So, developers work day and sometimes night to deliver beautifully designed, user-friendly, and highly operational Flutter-crafted mobile apps.

How to hire an experienced Flutter developer

Due to the growing market demand for platform-independent software, app developers in Flutter are of special job relevance.

The openings for a Flutter developer are acutely felt both in start-ups and the technologically advanced company.

Chances are for a developer to get on-boarded by a start-up and accelerate professional growth due to the still-developing corporate and operational rules, procedures, and regulations.

On the other hand, at all times, in a mature company, there is an opportunity to learn quickly inside an already qualified and skilled team working both alone and as a team player.

Speaking of the Flutter developer requirements, here is a list of basic nice-to-have skills for a Flutter software engineer.

Flutter developer requirements

Hard skills:

  • experience in front-end development;
  • experience in building mobile apps in Flutter and Dart;
  • working knowledge of the general mobile landscape, architectures, trends, development lifecycles, including building and automated testing, emerging technologies;
  • solid understanding of mobile app design guidelines like BLoC, MVC, Redux, Singleton, Factory, Delegation, or other patterns;
  • Android Material Components, Cupertino layouts, and awareness of their differences;
  • proficiency in using GitHub, Bitbucket, or similar version control and continuous integration tools.

Soft skills:

  • excellent verbal and written communication skills;
  • self-starter, proactive in resolving issues and removing roadblocks;
  • willingness to learn and improve.

Additional preferred skills:

  • Swift, Objective-C, Java, Dart, or Kotlin;
  • AWS;
  • code review processes;
  • CI/CD;
  • Experience with third-party libraries and APIs.

For app developers aiming to strive professionally, a fast, agile, and multi-functional team environment may appear as a relevant and proper solution.

Flutter interview questions
Briefing on the interview procedure, here comes an outline exemplifying variable interview questions, both verbal and written.

So, you can ask a potential candidate:

  • In which ways could you possibly implement the Skia Graphics Engine into the Flutter-based project?
  • What would you build with widgets?
  • How would you craft stateless and stateful conditions?
  • Tell us what you know about the Dart virtual machine.
  • How could you prove a freshly embedded feature functioning in the designated way?
  • What third-party software tools have you managed to integrate into your Flutter project?
  • Could you please describe your work experience in Dart asynchronous programming?
  • Have you ever implemented a “JavaScript bridge” in the Flutter development piece?
  • What is BLoC Flutter? What approaches for managing various states of the application have you dealt with?
  • Could you please articulate your background in using method channels to invoke native API knowledge?
  • Could you please speak about the usage of tools and techniques related to: code analyzers, layout inspector, performance and memory view, multithreading, networking, and security choices.

Familiarity with the Agile approach is essential. At the same time, the waterfall model may seem a more suitable alternative for a large-scale plan.

All the candidates might be expected to have previously built a complete app using the Flutter tool set and to communicate the app-building process with the in-house team engineers.

TBR Group’s assistance

Our article on Writing a Flutter Web plugin with JavaScript: a step by step guide can appear valuable for enlarging the personal practical tips asset.

Look through these Flutter apps built by TBR Group:

  • Neural Reader is a Text-To-Speech audio reader, and Speech-To-Text transcribing tool;

Neural Reader Flutter mobile app: “Audio Player”, “My Library / Convert from” and “Audio speed” pages.

  • VinciLabs mobile app aimed at handling health care data received by doctors from the patient’s digital medical devices;

VinciLabs mobile app: the onboarding “Mission, Vision, Values”, “Blood pressure” and “Customized Standalone Application” sections.

  • Śpiewnik Wywroty Flutter mobile app allows its users to dive into the music world with more than 25,000 guitar songs and ukulele arrangements;

Wywroty Songbook Flutter mobile app: “Start”, “Search” and “Popular” pages.

  • SwishBOOM Flutter mobile app ensures safe and sound cooperation between the children’s families and babysitters;
  • pingNpay is a micropayment Flutter mobile app. It makes certain money transfers encrypted and well-secured throughout the entire money transfer process.

pingNpay mobile app: “Home”, the onboarding page “Pay” and “Scan QR Code” pages.

Consequently, our Cases page, describing challenges and solutions, may be used as an auxiliary means of getting trained for a job interview.

Where to hire Flutter developers

A Flutter engineer can be hired as an in-house team player. There are likewise Flutter jobs remote offerings.

So, a Flutter developer can be applied as: a freelance programmer, a team player of the outstaffing model, a software engineer in the dedicated team.

More to the Pros and cons of dedicated teams for mobile app development you can read in our Blog section.

Having chosen a model of how to get the mobile app crafted, it is necessary to pick up one particular dedicated team to fulfill the project.

It is possible to search for an appropriate vendor on a number of B2B platforms, such as TopTal and Upwork.

Visiting the software implementation company’s website and tracking down the rate scores, alongside with previously received clients’ reviews, will give you an idea of the company’s business image.

The websites like G2 and Clutch largely represent the aforementioned data.

It’s up to a business owner to decide on any of these cooperation options, depending on the: goals to achieve, project scale, time to project launch deadline, and money to pay off.

Flutter developers’ hourly rate varies geographically. Depending on the programmer’s qualification level — junior, middle, senior — and type of employment, the average numbers are the following can vary from: Eastern Europe $40–60 and USA $100–200.

The rate differ by type of employment, and hands-on experience.


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