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The baby caring field could possibly win an award for being one of the most rapidly developing domains.

The overall baby care products market size worldwide is expected to rise from $67.35 billion in 2020 up to $88.72 by the year 2026.

But not only an impressive range of baby care products sustains a market position. Combined with the baby caring industry, internet technologies will just as well make an excellent value.

Provided below, there is a list of 5 childcare mobile applications to serve as an example.


Tinybeans App Store / Google Play mobile app: “Photo Editor”, “Family” and “Ideas” pages.

The application makes it possible to create a photo journal, just as to share pictures with family and friends.


Bubble App Store / Google Play mobile app: “Favorite Sisters”, “Latest Reviews” and “Your booking is active” pages.

Bubble focuses on providing babysitting services handled by certified caregivers.


Zum App Store / Google Play mobile app: “Zum”, “Real-time tracking” and “Upcoming Rides” pages.

Zum is a carpooling application, allowing parents to safely book a car trip for their children. The app features a calendar and a photo-sharing option.

Cubo AI

Cubo AI App Store / Google Play mobile app: “Home”, “Sleep Analytics” and “Live Night Vision” pages.

Cubo AI is an artificial intelligence-driven app. The application is supposed to be exploited together with the Cubo AI baby Camera. It embeds the features such as:

  • the child’s face detection;
  • sending an alert on the dangerous zone approach;
  • audio/video chatting options;
  • heat and humidity sensor.

Cozi Family Organizer

Cozi Family Organizer App Store / Google Play mobile app: “Home”, “Calendar” and “Lists” pages.

This family organizer app allows families to create a personalized list of the child’s characteristics. So any medical or sensitive data the caregiver should be aware of is accurately specified.

In this article, you will find out about the peculiarities of how to build a baby care mobile app — an overriding factor to succeed in the market.

Why baby care app good for your business

As a much-needed tool for expanding an online marketing presence, cross-platform mobile app development is in a great demand.

Unless digitalized, almost any kind of business will avoid being easily geared to the contemporary market opportunities offered by the technological pace.

In practical terms, that is the entrepreneur’s first priority, to create a mobile application of sufficient quality to successfully deliver the baby caring services offered by the company.

And if you tend to stick with the idea of scaling up your baby caring business by going online — you are on the right track.
Essential features in baby care app

Two variants of mobile childcare apps are normally available. One of the applications is designed for a family, and the other — for a care provider.

A babysitting app intended for families may contain the following set of functionalities:

  • user authentication;
  • family area;
  • family verification;
  • routines;
  • medical records;
  • milestone charts;
  • information panel;
  • babysitters’ profiles;
  • booking a service;
  • subscription and payment options;
  • chat;
  • text and voice messages;
  • multiple languages support;
  • search;
  • google map integration;
  • push notifications;
  • track record;
  • review and ratings;
  • network;
  • media files sharing;
  • social events.

The application used by the care providers implies:

  • user authentication;
  • caregiver/babysitter area;
  • caregiver/babysitter verification;
  • administrative dashboard;
  • families’ profiles;
  • text and voice messages;
  • multiple languages support;
  • search;
  • google map integration;
  • push notifications;
  • track record;
  • working history;
  • review and ratings;
  • special notes;
  • media files sharing;
  • social events;
  • etc.

The admin panel can be integrated just as well. This way, a system administrator will monitor the entire workflow, collect analytical data, and make sure that the entire process is accurately run.

Steps to build a baby care app

You might already be interested in building an app for daycares to extend your market share.

So, how is the best babysitting app crafted?

For crafting your unique pet care app, your first priority is to denote a general, step-by-step procedure.

The following stages are considered fundamental in any kind of product evolution. A babysitting app is not an exception in this case.
Stages of childcare app development.

They are:

  • idea;
  • discovery;
  • business analysis;
  • design;
  • software implementation;
  • testing;
  • launch;
  • post-launch.

Flicking through the pages of a variety of contemporary information sources will not only help to get the objectives right, but it may give you heart to proceed further on your project just as well.

With this in mind, you can get that unique idea of your best babysitter app as well as perform the product discovery stage.

Business analysis will make certain that you do identify the company’s essential needs. Besides, such an investigation will determine solutions to any business challenges. It could be a daft mistake to either underestimate or skip this requisite start-up phase of an app for daycares development.

Making a competitive and unique design will let your idea gain a concept of its initial look as a mobile application.

The user interface (UI) and the user experience (UX) will largely depend on the app’s graphical quality as well as on the coding itself.

The stage of mobile software development is a demanding and time-consuming period.

It includes applying the native, web, and cross-platform approaches, each based on a different technological stack.

You are welcome to visit our Blog, where you can look through a set of various articles covering multiple topics on mobile app development. Our blog article The fundamentals of Flutter & Dart explains the basics of these coding technics. And Why choose Flutter for mobile app development in 2023? expands the scope of the topic even further.

The testing stage is the next level you ascend in babysitting app implementation. What is really nice about this is the possibility to witness an application’s performance prior to its official launching. The newly crafted application is expected to perform as planned and any bugs spotted should be fixed.

And here is the launch — the most exciting part of the entire product development cycle. Now, your is available in the App Store and Google Play and your customers can happily download it to their mobile devices.

The clock is ticking, and you can observe the number of app downloads possibly increasing. The post-launch period is underway. You need to constantly pay attention to the app’s performance. Should any failures appear, taking action immediately will be crucial. It allows getting excellent reviews from the customers worldwide and keeps the software base updated. This way, chances are the application can probably come into widespread use.

The app is running and consequently, the efforts of the entire team are paid off in both direct and figurative meaning. So, how much does it cost to produce the best babysitter app?

Cost of babysitting app development

The technical requirements will substantiate the scope of work to be done and configure the team to engage.

Typically, a team of a few specialists can build a babysitting app, where there is at least:

  • a project manager (PM);
  • a designer;
  • a team of software developers/engineers;
  • a quality assurance specialist (QA tester).

In mobile application development, there is an hourly wage rate along with a fixed price payment.

The location of the working team matters as well. The price of mobile app development will vary in Europe, India, and the USA.

Respectively, in an hourly wage rate model, a business owner can calculate the cost of the project by summing up the following figures:

  • the number of working hours each team member spends on the project realization;
  • the cost of each working hour for a particular team specialist;
  • the project complexity;
  • possible overheads.

In any case, you can get the most accurate answer only after the developing team proves the estimate of the project.

Get in touch with the TBR Group software developing agency and receive answers to all of your questions.

Swishboom mobile app for babysitting services

Swishboom — App Store / Google Play — is a cross-platform babysitting mobile application. The app helps families look for and choose either a babysitter or a care provider.

Swishboom App Store / Google Play mobile app: “Your Job”, “How it works” and “Find A Sister” pages.

The app offers two user interfaces and consequently a bit different set of functionalities for each of the versions.

One version of the app serves the families to book babysitting services, and the other works on the care provider’s side.

Being a feature-rich application, Swishboom offers both essential and additional functionality. It ensures a stable performance and a happy user experience.

The verification feature of both the families and the care providers is essential. It makes the cooperation sustainable and the workflow passes most efficiently.

The families can pay the caregivers via Venmo or cash. Whereas, the subscription feature is realized via the RevenueCat service.

You can discover more about the challenges and solutions, key features, and the general project overview in our Swishboom case study.

Created with the Flutter framework and the Dart programming language, the app is targeting both mobile and Web operating devices.


As a mobile app developer, TBR Group uses Flutter and Dart bundle to deliver fast, the most natively sensed platform-independent mobile and web solutions.

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