Is Flutter going to be right for your next app?


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Want to know why you should try Flutter in your next project? What will your business benefit from? Whether you are a director, a technical manager, or any other position that requires making effective decisions in your company and growing your business, this article will be useful for you.
In particular, we’ll help you understand what Flutter is and why it’s the most effective cross-platform framework. You’ll learn about Flutter’s benefits over other cross-platform solutions available and how these benefits play in both development and business processes.

Flutter benefits for mobile app owners

Overall, you’ll get an idea of why Flutter can be a good solution to some of the common problems in business. It can improve your existing mobile app idea. Flutter is a bit different from its competitors in some key aspects. 
Analyzing the Statista report, it’s surprising that the Flutter framework for startups, businesses, and IT projects is the second most popular cross-platform mobile framework among developers. Moreover, around 39% of developers use Flutter, which is a great rise from last year by 9%.

Figure 1. Satistaction with Flutter over time

The report from StackOverflow shows that around 68.8% of developers like using Flutter for new projects and businesses. This number shows Flutter’s benefits, that it is the real winner and most popular technology in the developer’s and business community.

Can the Flutter app be a good fit for your small business? 

Flutter is used for cross-platform application development for iOS and Android using a single codebase.  It comes up with numerous benefits and can definitely help your business grow. 

Given the many benefits of Flutter app development, in particular rapid development, compatibility across platforms, cost-effectiveness, consistent user experience, active and growing community, and so on, Flutter is a fairly new tool that also needs to be improved. But at the moment, the disadvantages of this tool are not so critical that they can hardly be called disadvantages.  

You can find many Flutter advantages for your business:

  • Faster time to market, great for MVP. It’s really so. Flutter is ideal for pushing MVPs and then scaling up. 
  • Cross-platform value-price solution. With Flutter, you can build apps for any platform that belongs to a common codebase. Thanks to this, you can save time and money when compared with the development of individual applications for each platform.
  • Intuitive and feature-rich apps. Optimal user experience is key for your target audience. Apps built with Flutter have lower bounce rates and higher conversions, which leads to more clients and sales.
  • Responsive apps and optimal user experience. If you need high-performance or intuitive user interfaces, go for Flutter. Flutter apps run smoothly thanks to high-quality visuals that users will be delighted with. What’s more, Flutter’s UI support can create a unique user experience.
  • Competitive advantage over competitors. Flutter is the right choice for developing mobile applications for startups and existing businesses, you can create applications for both Android and iOS and gain a competitive edge.
  • A very wide range of niches. Flutter is suitable for healthcare, e-commerce, socials nets, music apps — almost every niche overb there.
  • A variety of tech capabilities for implementing project requirements.

These reasons explain the popularity of Flutter among various global companies such as Google Ads, AppTree, Reflectly and My Leaf, eBay, Groupon, Alibaba Group, and others.
Business owners save money without sacrificing quality and impress customers with an attractive interface. The same team can run powerful apps on mobile, desktop, and web platforms. Despite its young track record, Flutter will be a great choice for mobile apps in 2023.
Some things make a huge difference to the business. These are the stability of the platform, its performance, a wide human resources potential (it is relatively easy to hire a Flutter developer), and a guarantee of successful further development and improvement of technologies/products. The reason is that the problems and shortcomings of the platform or technology in any of these aspects cause the emergence of risks, as well as direct and indirect financial losses for your company.
From this perspective, Flutter can reduce the risks to your business.
Besides, Flutter won’t cause problems in finding engineers because there are already a lot of fans among Android developers in the community (reviews can be found everywhere).
Compared to the available alternative cross-platform approaches, Flutter poses minimal risks to companies and is therefore worth it to be the number one choice for your business.

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So, Flutter’s advantages are brilliant, this is probably the best mobile app development framework to build apps for iOS, Android, and Windows, which implies faster development and cost savings. Its benefits can help not only existing businesses but startups with a small budget to enter the market fast. By hiring Flutter developers, companies can create MVPs, scale them up, grow the clientele, boost sales, etc. If you are interested in such advantages for business — you can safely use a Flutter. 

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