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Information technology spending on enterprise software worldwide has already been on the rise for a decade. In 2022, the expenditures in the market area were expected to reach $672 billion, arriving at even a higher number of $752 billion by the year 2023.

The Flutter framework, and respectively the Dart programming language, are among the leaders in mobile application development.

Chances are, you might have already posed a question to yourself:
How about creating a project built with Flutter?

  • Is Flutter suitable for a telehealth mobile data processing program?
  • Will an e-commerce or online babysitting application or even cryptocurrency software be run on mobile devices as well as their alternatives on desktop or web solutions?
  • Is Flutter suitable for an online social media application?

In meeting these challenges, Flutter and Dart bundled together have composed an ultimate solution for crafting cross-platform mobile applications.

Flutter app development ensures a platform-independent operation for the entire range of native, web, and desktop software applications.

The Best Flutter projects to copy

With the number of Flutter app examples considerably growing by now, their sophisticated diversity has been impressive.

Among Flutter projects are such giants as Abbey Road Studios, Google Pay, eBay, and Toyota.

Below, just a few of them exemplify the most popular Flutter hybrid apps. They are:


Falling under the category of health and fitness, Reflectly is an AI-powered personal journal app.

By helping users to cope with negative thoughts, the app aims to nourish a positive alignment and discover the science of how to feel comfortable and happy.

Reflectly App Store / Google Play mobile app: “Home screen”, “Progress” and “Amazing! What’s making your evening super awesome?” pages.

By offering users structured audio reflections, Reflectly ensures learning from the world’s major experts in the area. Thus, a user obtains tools as well as a mindset to improve health and state of mind, building the closest way to happiness — a merry spirit.


CryptoGraph is a cryptocurrency market application aiming to provide the user with all the essential data required for a successful crypto market engagement.

CryptoGraph App Store / Google Play mobile app: “Cryptograph”, “Ethereum” and “Feedback” pages.

The user interface is specifically designed for mobile screen resolutions so that all the charts and diagrams could be properly viewed.

The application offers the following features:

  • more than 2,500 cryptocurrencies and tokens available;
  • comprehensive data set on every coin;
  • an exchange rate graph;
  • a list of favored coins;
  • extensive search and filter options;
  • increasing community participation;
  • customizable market cap and display functionalities;
  • a feedback page.


Hookle is a social media assistant app that can be readily procurable by all kinds of businesses.

Hookle App Store / Google Play mobile app: “Statistics”, “Planner” and “New post” pages.

The application comes in with relevant and workable solutions. Respectively, in one single place and one go, the application user can:

  • operate multiple social network channels;
  • release posts, images, and videos to numerous network channels;
  • share content directly from the local drive, virtual disk spaces, or the web;
  • create, preview, finalize and issue publications;
  • customize, edit or delete publications;
  • schedule or hold off any content as well as prospective events;
  • search and pick out the previously used hashtags;
  • receive detailed analytic data on the channels;
  • share the social media channels with all the Hookle users and therefore collaborate.

Over and above, such instruments as Social Score, Hookle Planner, and Unsplash will nicely complement and enhance the previously listed functionality.

Being a time-saving practice, Hookle allows entrepreneurs from anywhere in the world to enlarge commerce opportunities and have their businesses scaled up.


Xdrop is a file transfer mobile application.

The main features the customer benefits from:

  • multi-platform sharing;
  • customer-oriented UI/UX;
  • an advantage of much speedier operation;
  • files, photos, videos, and application exchange;
  • privacy and sensible data protection.

Xdrop App Store / Google Play mobile app: “Profile” “Hey” and “FAQ” pages.

As a Flutter-based mobile application, Xdrop may become a perfect choice to meet the need for data sharing.


Slice is a no-fee Visa credit card mobile application. The main advantage secured by Slice is ensuring reliable and easily accessible online shopping, supported by having an opportunity of splitting the payments.

Slice App Store / Google Play mobile app: “Spark”, “Rewards” and “Spends” pages.

Slice allows users to:

  • shop now and pay later;
  • use passbook to control spending;
  • track and manage expenditures;
  • receive cashback and discounts;
  • funds transferring to the bank or Paytm accounts.

The advantages of using Slice:

  • no user fees;
  • a flexible credit limit;
  • spending habits data analysis.

Providing opportunities to slice the payment submitted, Slice has become a reliable solution for online shopping.


Falling under the category of Food & Drink, Holywings mobile app is focused on reservation services and offers multiple services. They include:

  • an online reservation;
  • a minimum charge fee;
  • online reservation;
  • a delivery option;
  • membership advantages.

Holywings App Store / Google Play mobile app: “Profile” “Event” and “Home” pages.

The application is user-friendly and comfortable to use.

Obviously, Flutter is a powerful tool for any kind of development work. Flutter created apps are fast, reliable, and beautifully designed.

Flutter and Dart mobile app examples vividly illustrate a rapid increase in popularity among these powerful software tools.

TBR Group — your tech partner for mobile app development

The IT Development company — TBR Group — is a group of Ukrainian software engineers specializing in platform-independent software and Flutter and Dart programming tools.

There is a set of cross-platform mobile applications built with Flutter and Dart in the TBR Group’s portfolio. In this piece, we will take a closer look at:

mobile apps.

Vetsie for Vets

Vetsie for Vets is a pet care mobile application built with Flutter and Dart. Vetsie for Vets offers both the pet parent and the vet professional sides for application usage. The admin panel option enables the software administrator to supervise the entire app’s performance and provide any assistance needed.

Vetsie for Vets mobile app: “Book Consultation / Payment” and “Audio Call” pages.

More details on the software development peculiarities you can get in Vetsie case study.

Providing an exceptionally user-friendly interface and a set of functionalities, Vetsie for Vets is essential to ensure a comfortable workflow for each of the takers.


Swishboom — a platform-independent mobile application in the category of parenting and lifestyle.

The application is designed to run in two versions — the first for caregivers and the other for caretakers. Families, experiencing a need for babysitting services, can choose a caregiver whose profile may seem the most applicable for the position. Meanwhile, babysitters and various care providers are able to advertise the caregiving services they offer.

Swishboom enables subscribers to:

  • schedule babysitting services;
  • build a personal network;
  • advertise open positions;
  • send event invitations;
  • post jobs into the calendar;
  • validate, and therefore secure and protect each party involved.

Swishboom App Store / Google Play mobile app: “How it works” and “Find a sister” pages.

Further details of the Swishboom project are presented in the Swishboom case study, which you are most welcome to review.

Wywroty Songbook

Wywroty Songbook is specifically developed by guitarists for guitarists.

Originally designed for musicians in Poland, the app has started gaining popularity offshore.

Wywroty Songbook Apple Store / Google Play mobile app: “Start” and “Popular” pages.

As the largest database of arrangements of Polish and foreign songs, Wywroty Songbook enables its user to:

  • create a collection of your favorite songs;
  • browse the most popular and daily played compositions;
  • transpose the chords into the corresponding keys;
  • switch between the guitar and ukulele chord charts;
  • activate automatic text scrolling;
  • to easily search for pieces of music;
  • activate a night mode feature.

A detailed case study description, as well as a complete functionality set overview, can be checked out at Wywroty Songbook case study.


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