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The world of IT is rapidly dashing forward. Incredible things have become a reality, and the future promises more and more ahead at a quicker pace.

COVID-19 has added its extensive input by applying restrictions and imposing new rules on all the market players. Such conditions force tons of businesses to go online.

The vet tech industry is not an exception to this technological race. There has been an ongoing market demand for online diagnostics of pets’ possible ailments.

Swiftly developing, the pet industry market is expected to enlarge its market share in Global Veterinary Diagnostics from $2.23 billion in 2018 up to $4 billion by 2023 according to the Global veterinary diagnostics market size 2023 forecast.

Pet healthcare centers have been establishing their internet presence. The vet telemedicine busts out, developing digitally and thus discovering new opportunities for businesses involved. Both web and mobile solutions are thriving.

If you are one of the veterinary business holders who have already got a functional website and ponder over creating a vet-on-demand app, you are down the right path.

This is a convenient choice for a pet parent.
Having them both is cool and beneficial and lets your business grow more efficiently. So, here comes a brief outline of how to build a pet care app.

How to build an app for pets?

You need to have your idea shaped up into a concept with clear outlines.

You need to have your idea shaped up into a concept with clear outlines.

Taking into account the number of applications available in the app stores today, you need to apply your creativity to work out an idea to launch a potentially successful vet application.

You can study the most favored pet care apps. Combine their best features, introduce relevant improvements, and generate your own unique application outline.

The majority of the existing apps have arisen due to such a technique.

Perform substantial market research and define the distinctive features. What exactly will make it possible for your application to outgrow eventual competitors?

Draft a proper business plan and outline the marketing strategy to launch your app and keep it efficiently running.

Once you have obtained a perfect understanding of what exactly you want as an outcome and the relevant designs have been made, it’s time for the app coding to get started.

At this stage, you may encounter certain pain points of choosing between either a platform for mobile pet care app development or a custom solution to hire a team of developers who will build a pet services app for you.

Here is a short description of both options:

To code the app by yourself.

If this option appeals to you, you are apparently the one who has already been creating apps.

Using a software builder platform.

You have become aware of the latest tendencies in the chosen domain and stay familiar with the already available solutions to emerging issues.

This tool allows the user to create a pet services app without having to be an expert in programming.

This can be a way out for some small and plain applications which do not require much of smartphone resources.

You will hardly be able to seriously customize the pre-created functionality as well as the template design.

Moreover, one day you can come across a very similar app out there, as the chances are another internet traveler makes his choice on the same template.

The manufacturer platform usually charges on a monthly basis to support running the application and get it operational at all times.

To get additional info as for the Drag and Drop software, please, visit Compare Drag and Drop App Builder Software.

Consuming a white label program.

The option of consuming a white label program – a pre-created software produced by one company and then rebranded by the other – may also deepen the sense of insecurity.

Even though a client purchases a ready-made vet app, still there is a necessity to employ a developer to personalize and adapt it to precisely articulated requirements.
For more information, please, check What is white labeling?, and a list of Frequently asked questions about the white label app builder.

Hiring a development company.

You can hire a team of developers specializing in mobile development to have that unique application coded for you.

This is the most reliable way of embedding your idea into a functional vet on-demand application.

The development company houses its own capacity, which includes a team of highly qualified code programmers, bug testers, project managers as well as quality hardware.

The team members are entirely focused on delivering high-rate products and the project managers closely supervise the working flow to eliminate any inaccuracy in the outcome.

Although it is more expensive compared to the other alternatives, applying to a development company is the fastest, safest, and most nerve-saving option.

The coding language appears to be another challenge for the veterinary or pet health care center owner.

You might have already faced the problem of picking up the best technical stack suitable for creating your pet services app. Indeed, the diversity of coding languages is obviously bewildering.

Vetsie – a pet vet app built with Flutter

TBR Group assisted the Canadian start-up Vetsie in making their idea come true and built a mobile application, Vetsie for Vets.

The vet app Vetsie for Vets belongs to veterinary telemedicine. It is cross-platform and cloud-based, with the interaction taking place on a single platform.

We have developed two types of applications, each has embedded a different set of functionalities.

One of them is comfortably suited for pet owners and the other one — is for the vet clinic.

These two applications are constructed to meet the needs of their owners in the best way possible.

On the Pet Parents’ side, Vetsie for Vets is designed for people owning cats, dogs, and other household pets. It searches for reputable specialists qualified to advise on the pet’s proper ailment.

Vetsie mobile app - Add Vets feature and Sign up page

Vetsie mobile app — Add Vets feature and Sign up page

All the required information about the vet doctor who will render a consultation is shown to the pet parent.

The pet owners can also see the history of correspondence, proceed with payment and buy a consulting service from the vet.

To book an appointment, the pet parent is expected to specify a disturbing issue, opt for a vet professional to refer to, and select a time and date for the call or visit.

Vetsie mobile app — Add Vets feature and Sign up page

The pet owner can communicate their pet’s case to the veterinarian by text, voice, or video messaging.

On the medical workers’ side, Vetsie for Vets is indispensable for veterinary clinics in their interaction with the client – a pet owner. It has got a user-friendly dashboard.

All the statistical data, such as earnings, appointments of each vet professional, etc. are easily seen and analyzed. It displays incoming requests and new bookings, and briefs on the pet parent and the pet itself.

The vet doctors can choose to either accept or deny the requests received.

Vetsie for Vets pet care app is fast, smooth, and easy to run. It contains the following set of key functionalities helping to ensure an efficient interaction process:

  • Video&Audio calls (Agora RTC, RTM, Agora web library);
  • Chat (file uploading, unread messages, voice messages);
  • Book consultation;
  • Google map integration;
  • Charts;
  • Reviews;
  • PDF reports;
  • Push notifications;
  • Stripe payment integration;
  • Facebook events.

Vetsie mobile app — Text / Audio Call feature.

TBR Group company has made a user-friendly app, easy to handle for both — by pet owners and medical workers. It enables the vet staff to balance out their work and time off and ultimately enhance pet care performance.

In Vetsie for Vets we have used Flutter, a brand-new framework produced and backed by Google, for cross-platform mobile and web dashboard development.
It is an open-source software based on the Dart programming language, and the SDK uses a C++ rendering engine.

Flutter provides widgets out of the box with an architecture grounded on reactive programming, which means that web and mobile apps built with Flutter are extremely responsive.

The code written with Flutter can be deployed onto different platforms. Providing high performance and building an amazing experience for the user, Flutter is an extremely user-friendly environment.

In 2021 Vetsie was selected by “Best Startup Canada” as one of the most promising start-ups.

It emerged in two articles: Care Startups and Companies in Alberta, and 10 Top Pet Startups and Companies in Alberta has given a considerable boost to a brand-new business.


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